Toward Handpicked Treasures of Spacetime Condensed

A Cosmarella Original Short Story

August 2021

♥ Behind the scenes ♥

Cosmic eggs

Created from cardboard candle holder trays spray painted with beautiful vibrant violet hunting trespass paint. Acrylic paints were used for detailing; glitter, shimmer and glow in the dark paints. Holes were made from the top of each egg and string lights were poked through from the bottom. Then, they were arranged among see-through fabrics to create the mysterious twinkle effect.

The Cosmos

Made from a Styrofoam base, then painted with acrylic paints: enamel, glitter, and shimmer. The biggest challenge here was getting the slim paintbrush in the little crevice surrounding the main circle without making a mess… 😀

The Lock & Key

The Lock & Key were made out of soft polyethylene Styrofoam. I painted again using acrylics including metallic, shimmer and glitter paints. On the Lock there is a green heart gem ♥, On the Key is an old circuit board with a plastic o-ring fixture covering the center.

The “Fabrics” of spacetime xD

The fabrics used to create the effect of space behind the artifacts.

The Call

Believe in yourself! “Where are you believing?” I find that wherever my focus or awareness is in my body, that seems to be what unfolds into my reality. Because of this, I try my best to keep my awareness on my heart space as much as possible without interruption. No one is perfect….?

The Gates of Mic’Orchlia

These were made from hard Styrofoam bases which were first spray painted with metallic silver. They were then detailed with acrylics: red, bronze brown metallics and glittered gold. They were then embellished with hard plastic fixtures and feathers dipped in silver and gold. Anyone that knows me knows I absolutely love & adore FFVIII, so I had wanted these gates to feel Galbadian. During the scene where Squall jumps in the car to go towards the gate to fight Edea, behind him for a split second are four gate-like images. Perfectly inspiring for my gates. Also, the treasures’ speech at the end is tribute the gorgeous scene in FFVIII; “Oath by the Sea”.

*o.m.g.* ♥!!

The Gatekeeper of Mic’Orchlia

Created with silver metallic paint pen on thick black cardstock, then kaleidoscope’d into an Owl-like creature.

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